THURSDAY, MARCH 14TH, 2019

    As a creator, have you given any thought to the pacing of your creative projects before? Have you ever wondered why you complete some projects quickly while others take much longer to complete?


    Do you know that every project has its own natural pacing, its own timeline for coming into existence?


    In this workshop, we'll be looking at a foundational part of the creative process that is almost always overlooked: pacing. You will learn how to align with your own natural pace and that of your works so that you can live and create with greater ease. This teaching, termed Essence Pace, comes from The Hendricks Institute.


    We will be playing with pacing both with our bodies and on the page. Please bring something to write on.


    This event is free but you must register here in advance. Limited to eight women.



    Setting the Stage Women's Network is the brainchild of Denver, CO-based singer/songwriter and public speaker Julie Geller. As a performing musician, Julie understands that music is about connecting people both to themselves and to each other. And, as someone who has worked consistently for over two decades on developing her own dream to be a professional musician, she appreciates the amount of dedication and consistent hard work that it takes to makes our dreams a reality.


    In 2016, while performing a women's-only concert, Julie noticed how much members of the audience enjoyed meeting and connecting with each other. She understood how much the women in the room had to offer each other both in terms of professional and personal opportunities.


    "Hmmmm..." thought Julie, "What if we really connect these women to each other? What if we combine women's concerts with opportunities to connect? And, because hearing other people's journeys give us guidance on our own, what if we also bring one of the women in the room - arranged in advance - up on stage at every event and interview her about her life's work?"


    And so, Setting the Stage was born. Setting the Stage combines music and storytelling that open our hearts so that we can truly connect with ourselves and the other women in the room. Through those connections, we can both meet those who can guide us toward achieving our own dreams, as well as help others achieve theirs.


    We hope to meet you very soon!


    Enjoy videos from our launch event

    Live Music

    The Julie Geller Band debuts it's song Permission.

    Live Podcast Recording

    Elaine Appleton Grant speaks with Kari Knudson about the eight years it took her to formulate and produce her one-woman show.


    Patricia Sandler

    Program Designer and Dream Maker

    Trained as an ethnomusicologist, Patricia has wide and varied experience as a program designer in the arts and humanities, with a focus on professional development. She has worked with individuals, corporations, and universities helping people realize their dreams. By challenging her clients to rethink the assumptions that limit their creativity and goals, she helps them find insightful connections among seemingly unrelated ideas.

    Elaine Appleton Grant

    Producer, Podcaster, and Story Maven

    Elaine Appleton Grant spent two decades as a magazine journalist, but she had a secret, burning desire to be on the radio. Thirteen years after first falling in love with public radio, she made the switch. Today, Elaine has worked as a producer, reporter, and host at stations in Boston, New Hampshire and Colorado. One More Shot is her podcast exploring what it takes to achieve long-held dreams, featuring interviews with people who are making their wishes come true. She conducts live tapings of her podcast during Setting the Stage events.


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